Elliot R. Zinger (Of Counsel)

Our law firm, Elliot R. Zinger, P.C., will provide you with experienced and aggressive attorneys who will protect your rights, serve your best interests and represent you with the integrity and professionalism you deserve. With 37 years of litigation experience in both Illinois and Federal Courts, our firm has represented thousands of citizens seeking justice through litigation in both civil and criminal cases.

Our law firm has consistently attained outstanding results for those who have been wrongfully accused, severely injured or discriminated against in the Chicago area and in other jurisdictions nationwide. Our firm concentrates in representing persons who’ve been charged with serious criminal cases or severely injured or killed as a result of negligence. The firm has been involved in many nationally publicized cases.

Some of the firm’s past and present publicized cases you may recognize from newspaper and television reports. Mr. Zinger was lead trial counsel in the case of Natkin v. Oprah Winfrey, in which two Chicago area photographers, Paul Natkin and Stephen Green, sued Oprah Winfrey in Federal Court for copyright infringement and the rights to a collection of some 60,000 photographs detailing the history of “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” In the case, Zinger won what the Federal Judge presiding referred to as a “landmark victory for the rights of photographic artists in America.” Mr. Zinger was also appellate counsel in the notorious Patricia Columbo murder case, one of the most high profile murders in Illinois history.

Our firm recently won the release of Mark Maxson at 26th and California in Chicago. Mr. Maxson served 24 years in the State penitentiary for a murder he did not commit. Through the firm’s efforts, Mr. Maxson was released from custody in September of 2016 and granted a Certificate of Innocence one month later. Our firm pushed for a change of venue and DNA testing, which ultimately revealed the actual killer. We are now representing Mr. Maxson in a $54 million dollar lawsuit, pending in Federal Court. Our firm is currently representing four other wrongfully convicted persons from the Jon Burge torture era.

In the civil arena, we recently obtained a $2.9 million settlement in the case of Williams v. Dedicated Logistics, Inc. Mr. Williams suffered a brain injury after being struck by a truck in downtown Elmhurst in 2015. Our firm has won 3 other brain injury cases in the last few years, all in excess of a million dollars.

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