Larry Dreyfus

Larry Dreyfus

From 1970 through 1983 I was a federal agent doing criminal investigations for Treasury Intelligence and the Office Of Investigations, US Customs. I was also cross-trained with the US Secret Service for Presidential protection. Treasury Intelligence  focused on investigating tax evasion. In Los Angeles I was assigned to a task force focused on Organized Crime. Later, I transferred to the Office of Investigations – US Customs, at Nogales, Arizona and Seattle Washington. There I investigated drug smuggling, gun-running and money laundering. Later, I was transferred to Chicago, where I also obtained a law degree from John Marshall Law School.

In 1983, I left government service to become an attorney and a trader on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Initially my law practice focused on defending White Collar Crime cases. Despite never losing a case, my law practice shifted to real estate, including real estate litigation. By 1987, it had shifted again to motion pictures when I became the attorney for the Shooting Ranch Limited, a motion picture producer based in Wisconsin. For the next five years, my focus was the legal work for producing motion pictures and the selling of motion picture rights domestically and internationally.

In 2014, my focus became those wrongfully convicted for murder. In September 2016 I won freedom for a man that had spent 25 years in prison for the rape and murder of a six year old boy. DNA testing proved that he did not do this horrible crime. In the process of proving this man’s innocence the real killer was identified; in October 2016 Osborne Wade confessed to being the real murderer. On behalf of the man I freed, I am now suing the City Of Chicago for $54 million. In addition, I have filed lawsuits on the behalf of four others, who collectively have been wrongfully sentenced to over 100 years imprisonment.

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