DUI Defense

Being arrested for “Driving Under the Influence” is devastating. One can lose their driving privileges, which may impact their job, or can go to jail. In Illinois, there are two parts to a DUI. First, a DUI is a criminal offense, which can result in incarceration. Second, your driving privileges can be suspended. Depending on the Attorney that you speak to, you may not know that you have the right to challenge your arrest and/or to have your driving privileges reinstated.

The legal process in Illinois mandates Defendants to complete an examination administered by Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Services (ADES) prior to any attempts to mitigate the charges, enter a plea deal or receive formal sentencing from the Court. This is the part of the process that is so important for you and your attorney to understand. ADES is designed to indicate the Defendant’s level of substance abuse, if any. This will be key to the outcome of your case.

A DUI charge can be classified as a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances of your arrest. We have defended many DUI clients in Cook, DuPage, Will, Kane and Lake County. All clients have different goals. Some seek to mitigate the charges; while others wish to prioritize the reinstatement of their driver’s license. Call us today to discuss your case 773-327-3474.

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