Foreclosure Defense

For many homeowners, being served with a Mortgage Foreclosure Summons is devastating and intimidating. Foreclosure is not a topic that is openly discussed by people who are facing it. The majority of this firm’s practice is defending homeowners from foreclosure. We seek solutions and develop a strategy to meet each client’s goals.

Homeowners typically do not know what their options are when facing a foreclosure. Some law firms routinely place homeowners into bankruptcy to address the foreclosure. We do not. Instead, we give our clients a range of options that may include bankruptcy. Some of the options include: application for a loan modification; reinstatement; application for a forbearance plan; short sale; deed-in-lieu of foreclosure; consent judgment or extended stay or possession in the property. Other options may also be available.

All cases are different; tell us what your goals are. Let us counsel you through the foreclosure process and work towards your goals. Call us today if you are facing foreclosure 773-327-3474.

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