Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Landlord-Tenant Disputes can become tense and bitter quickly. Many Landlords are un-knowledgeable regarding the potential liabilities they face when entering a lease agreement with a Tenant. In Illinois, certain cities and municipalities have strict liability laws that require a Landlord to maintain their rental property to a certain standard. A landlord’s non-compliance can be lost rents and penalties, which may equal several rent payments.

Likewise, the law gives a Tenant rights when facing an eviction or a Landlord that refuses to make repairs. We have helped both tenants and landlords. As such, our firm is knowledgeable in defending evictions, as well as initiating the eviction process. Our Attorneys take pride in that they have worked out settlements preventing litigation, saving money and removing stress. Call today to have an attorney start researching your needs 773-327-3474.

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