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Family Law

Dreyfus Law Group - Family Law

Divorces and family law procedures are never easy to handle, especially if a child is involved. They put immense strain on both parties and can take a toll on your overall well-being. The Dreyfus Law Group helps ease the stress associated with the family law process by guiding you through complicated court proceedings while representing your best interests.

The Dreyfus Law Group is a team of experienced family law attorneys that help clients through the turbulent family court process. We will represent you and provide professional advice on how to navigate your case. Our team has vast experience with numerous family court cases and will do everything in our power to resolve the issue swiftly and civilly.

Experienced Family Law Attorneys

At Dreyfus Law Group, we understand how taxing the family law process is for you and your family. That’s why our law firm offers professional legal representation to parties dealing with divorce, child custody, domestic violence, and more. Our team will counsel you and explain your legal options to strengthen your case in court.

Our Family Law Services

The Dreyfus Law Group team has extensive experience in numerous family law practice areas, giving us the knowledge we need to handle your unique situation. Below are just some of the family law services we provide.


Our team represents men and women in contested and uncontested divorce cases. We listen to you and develop efficient strategies to protect your rights in court. The Dreyfus Law team will explain your case and provide numerous legal options that best suit your unique situation.

Child Custody and Visitation

Most judges believe children should maintain a relationship with their father and mother unless one party has a neglectful or abusive history. However, primary custody battles often require extensive and complicated legal procedures that most people have trouble understanding. Our team will prioritize the child’s best interest and ensure the proper parent receives primary custody.

We will evaluate your court case and create a fair visitation agreement so that the child maintains a healthy relationship with both parents.

Child Support

Child support determines how much the noncustodial parent must pay the other party to assist with the child’s expenses. The judge examines both parents’ net income and the child’s needs to establish a fair monthly rate. Our family law attorneys will help determine a just child support payment to keep your little one healthy and sound.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence and child abuse cases are exceedingly sensitive and put tremendous strain on the victim or victims. We will help you through the strenuous legal process during your time of need and fight to bring your abuser to justice.

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If you need a dedicated family law attorney that will represent your best interests in court, contact Dreyfus Law Group. Our team will handle all your family law needs at a fair and affordable price.

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