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Foreclosure Defense

Dreyfus Law Group - Foreclosure Defense

There’s a lot of misinformation regarding the ability to fight foreclosure cases. If you are facing the possibility of foreclosure in Illinois, do not settle for a loss. Contact the Dreyfus Law Group at 773-327-3474 for a free consultation regarding foreclosure defense.

Foreclosure Process

Foreclosures are a typical filing in court and have a substantially streamlined and straightforward process, as follows:

Because of the necessary steps to reach adjudged foreclosure, there is ample opportunity and time to stop, delay, or reverse the process and speak with an attorney. While not an ideal option, our attorneys can discuss Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing options as yet another way to pause the foreclosure process.

Homeowners do have rights. It may seem as though the scales tip in the direction of the lender, and maybe they do; however, steps are available to increase your chances of legally preventing a foreclosure.

Getting Out of Foreclosure

Some homeowners do not want to fight a foreclosure process in court and simply want to bring their homes out of foreclosure. Getting out is possible, and there are several legally valid options, including:

Foreclosure Filing Requirements in Illinois

Before thoroughly discussing foreclosure defense strategies, it is first necessary to make lenders prove the basis for their lawsuit. They must:

It might seem like a no-brainer that the lenders would have this information on hand. However, many lenders take shortcuts and fail to manage some accounts properly, including failure to notify homeowners.

Possible Defenses

Mistakes on the part of the lender open the doors to a plethora of defense options such as:

Experienced foreclosure defense attorneys can evaluate your case and determine if these defenses apply.

Better Outcomes Hiring a Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Many homeowners threatened with foreclosure submit to defeat because they don’t believe fighting lenders is possible. But, the sooner you speak with an attorney who can discuss your many defense options, the more likely you are to achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Stopping or getting out of foreclosure is a matter of perspective. Don’t let the fear of foreclosure action stop you. You have rights and the opportunity to set your finances and home mortgage loan back on course.

We are proud to serve clients throughout: 

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Our foreclosure defense attorneys are adept at loss mitigation and creating defensive strategies. Contact the Dreyfus Law Group today at 773-327-3474 to better understand your rights and request a free consultation.