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Immigration Law

Immigration law has always been a complex issue. Since 9/11, immigration law has seen many changes and will only continue to change with time. For help navigating the complexities of immigration law in Illinois, contact the Dreyfus Law Group today at 773-327-3474.

Policy Enforcement

Immigration law refers to policies and procedures that authorize foreign individuals’ residency in the United States. Beginning with the Immigration and Nationality Act, Congress continues to make and modify immigration policies and laws. The judicial branch of the federal government is responsible for enforcing them. Anyone in violation of these laws and policies risks inadmissibility or deportation as an illegal immigrant.

On a good day, these policies and laws are difficult for natural-born English-speaking individuals. They are exponentially more difficult for a foreign national seeking a visa, green card, or citizenship status. Furthermore, if you aren’t familiar with the laws and processes of immigration law, you may not know when mistakes occur or if you violate the rules in place.

Processing for Individuals and Businesses

Individuals can enter the U.S. temporarily or seek long-term permanent residency. Entry requirements differ depending on the stay and status that you need. The Dreyfus Law Group can help with individual and family member immigration matters, including:
We can also assist with immigration laws for businesses and employees wishing to work in the United States, including:

Asylum Seekers

Along with handling traditional family member, business, and employee immigration law issues, we assist with asylum cases. Asylum is a special status sought by those fleeing their home countries due to fear of persecution for race, religion, nationality, or political beliefs, among many other reasons.

Immigration Advocates in Illinois

The Dreyfus Law Group team of professional attorneys are advocates of immigration law. Not only can we help navigate the intricacies behind individual and employee visas, but we can also manage the challenges related to inadmissibility and deportability. We defend clients against violations relating to record-keeping and anti-discrimination regulations.

We are proud to serve clients throughout: 

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From Start to Finish

The immigration process is not easy, and it isn’t swift. It takes months for the appropriate visa approval and years to accomplish citizenship. Processing efficiency depends on filing the correct paperwork within reasonable deadlines. Additionally, many foreign companies and corporations that hire foreign individuals have to go through this process repeatedly for multiple members with diverse needs.

This lengthy and repetitive process requires consistency and dedication to secure a visa, green card, or citizenship without errors that cause unnecessary delays. Clients of the Dreyfus Law Group get more than lawyers who just push papers. We will see the process through to the end, from ensuring proper filing to immigration status follow-ups.

Dreyfus Law Group clients experience advantages in:

Dreyfus Law Group

For efficient immigration processing, turn to the experienced and caring immigration law professionals at the Dreyfus Law Group. Contact us at 773-327-3474 for a free consultation today.