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Real Estate

Dreyfus Law Group - Real Estate

Real estate law is complex and one of the most significant financial investments anyone can make. It is vital to ensure that everything is equitable and that the process goes smoothly for everyone involved.

Whether commercial or residential, purchaser or seller, Dreyfus Law Group has attorneys ready to work for your rights in Illinois. Contact us today at 773-327-3474 to learn what we can do for you.

Commercial vs. Residential

Some find it evident that there are differences between buying and selling commercial property vice residential property. However, the greatest differences are not the size or cost of the property. The largest legal differences involve responsibilities, obligations, and protections.

Residential Real Estate Law

In residential real estate law, Dreyfus Law Group offers assistance in:

Commercial Real Estate Law

In commercial real estate law, we offer assistance in:

Several residential and commercial real estate law areas overlap, including titling, taxing, and financing. There are a few significant differences. With residential properties, we look at the obligations to the buyer and purchaser on both sides of the contract. Who promised what and who didn’t deliver?

With commercial properties, complexities involve the rights of the end-user. Rights disputes can lead to landlord-tenant conflicts where the tenant needs or wants something the landlord isn’t willing to give, or the landlord is claiming lease violations.

At Dreyfus Law Group, we also understand the technical and legal details surrounding ordinance violations in Illinois. These issues could include anything from grass being too high to failure to pay taxes.

Buying vs. Selling

Real estate contracts involve the needs of two very different parties: the seller and the buyer.

The Seller

When sellers list a property for sale, they have obligations to have the property inspected and disclose issues. The seller and buyer then discuss the matter and come to a compromise that involves two expected outcomes: not fixing the problem but reducing the cost or fixing the issue before agreeing to purchase.

The Buyer

On the buyer’s end of the contract, there are obligations to follow through with closing costs and not default on the promise to purchase the home, among other things.

These are not the only issues between sellers and buyers. Buying and selling require a volleying discussion regarding final pricing, closing costs, and revising contracts. At Dreyfus Law Group, we review all contracts to make sure that both sides meet their obligations while always putting the interests of our clients first.

Dreyfus Law Group

Dreyfus Law Group in Illinois represents buyers and sellers in residential and commercial real estate transactions. Our priority in each case is to review every document to ensure it protects your interests. The contract’s questionable line items will go through redrafting until they meet your requirements.

We are proud to serve clients throughout: 

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We know how to protect your rights because we are well-versed in all aspects of real estate law. If you are looking for a dedicated and experienced real estate law attorney to represent you, contact Dreyfus Law Group today at 773-327-3474.